In these few marks on paper and magnetic tape, I offer you everything that I have, and everything that I am. Thus I exist in this work both physically and spiritually.

This work will not be welcomed by the run of humanity, nor is it intended for such animals - the herd, obsessed with happiness and the preserving of the life. My wisdom is not for the public life and the organizations within it, neither for mass movements nor break-away sects. Groups appeal to the herd mentality, but the wisdom I speak of in these writings cannot exist in such an environment and in such minds. Rather, I preserve this work for the mere handful of worthies, the true individuals, few though they be and far between. You will know yourself to be one of these precious ones when the externals of authority and tradition fill you with disgust, and when you at last delve into your own intelligence in search of your own wisdom.

In time, many will hold up these words for their own devious purposes. Not least among them will be the philosophers - those foul creatures. They will strip this work bare as soon as they get their greedy hands on it. My truth is infinitely remote from professional thinkers. Their delight is to slam me into a category, aligning me with this or that religion or school of thought, much as they might throw a criminal into jail. They say my thought coincides with so and so, while it differs with such and such. They conveniently miss the whole point, and lose everything. How do such ignorant fools hope to judge men of the Infinite? My ideas will always appear contradictory and paradoxical to them. In their hurry to get on with their job they judge the mentaly handicapped to be of a different species!

These words are to awaken you to the highest wisdom. But what is wisdom? If there is wisdom, then where are the wise men? . . . It is ever true that the wise are few, because nothing is hated quite so much as truth, and few can accept such hatred - too many of us need love. True wisdom can only exist within the minds of those shunned from society. For one who is part of a culture is inherently blind to its inner workings. However, one who is separated from a culture, yet able to carefully study it, is capable of divining the mechanisms which drive it.

The truly wise are as rare as the stars at midday. You could comb the world without discovering a single one. Much less would you find an organization full of them! Despite the rarity of the sage, I would like to paint a rough picture of him, just to give you an idea of how inhuman he really is, or perhaps to alter your conception of what it means to be human. He is a solitary being, though he is also at home in a crowd. He has a complete lack of human values. He loves nothing, therefore he hates nothing. Happiness is repugnant to him, so he never suffers. He depends on nothing, and questions all human motivation. He is beyond the trivial concerns of the average man. The average man either fears him or relagates him to the status of idiot.

What I present in this work is a new religion. It reveals profound truths that have been hidden from all who have gone before. I have not written to speak to you, but to trigger your own mind into speaking with itself. I aim to challenge your most deeply cherished of thoughts. I want to invoke you to think with your whole being, rather than allow you to hold ideas at the safe distance of your intellect. It is all about the discovery of courage. It is about the courage to destroy. It is about retarded people.

Now listen, and as you hear, know that you hear my heart beat.