Rear Entry Pants

In understanding the men behind the music (literally in this case) it is important to note that, to my best knowledge, none of the band members are homosexuals. At least no one has admitted it. This may seem contradictory when confronted with the seemingly endless array of gay songs lyrics spread unevenly throughout the prolific recordings, including this song and including the fact that the only known live album is titled 'music is for fags', and of course, the many references to Abraham Lincoln. Not everyone knows it but Honest Abe was the only US president to fill the office after it had been freshly exited by the only openly gay US president (James Buchanan). All that said, Metal Pants Rear Entry Pants has less to do with weekend romance than it has to do with smashing and smecking musical instruments. Its a song about love. Yet, simply because of the phrase 'rear entry pants' we have found ourselves the frequent focus of gay men's romantic attentions. Please, stop hitting on us. Please, just enjoy the song without imagining what is hidden in the back of our metal pants. Trust me, you don't want to know. And best of all, this is the shortest song on the Big Poo album!

A high quality version of this song is available in the discography on this page