The Gland Puppies

The Gland Puppies were formed in the fall of 1988. After a short Burst of creative genius they quickly burned out and sold their souls to the devil for a taste of cheep whisky, cheep women and cheep cigars. This went on for over 10 Years. Then under what have been termed, 'rather suspicious' conditions, all members of the band were found dead. Apparently the tragic death was caused by a large chair. Who cares?!

Satan Is Trapped Inside the body of Joe the Dog

Stomp The Psycho Monkey

My Catapult Named Professor Stain Sends Dogs Sailing Towards Certain Death


  • Fish Not Your Will! Story Be Ordinary (This)
  • Get Out of My Toilet!
  • Please Refrain From Eating Live Squid
  • Shish Kababy
  • This Tape Will Make You Fart
  • Ear's Music
  • Classic Egg Favorites (available on tape only)
  • I Am Currently Attacking Your Dog With Rubber Gloves. (The Things I Do, It Says It Loves.)
  • Soccer Ear-Fob
  • Secret Love