My Catapult Named Professor Stain Sends Dogs Sailing Towards Certain Death

The symphony of 'eye'. Oh, what a drag. This song ties together various unspoken philosophical view points regarding death and dying. The lyrics are often misunderstood as 'the symphony of I' but in actuality the words are 'the symphony of eye'. Everyone knows that there are two eyes in I, unless one or more of your eyes have met an untimely demise whilst leaving the rest of your I intact. The slide whistle in the song may seem odd and out of place, but the listener should know that this musical instrument is symbolic of the eye looking up to the sky. Looking upwards to the heavens in search of hope, or as Rikki Rockett would say, 'something to believe in'. Shortly after this song was recorded all band members revealed to the public that they had contracted the HIV AIDs virus. They were all dead by the end of the following month. And yet, long after their death, the symphony of this lovely (and mercifully short) song persists for all who encounter it.

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