Big Poo Generator Lyrics

*Rear-Entry Pants*

Metal Pants
Re-entry pants
Rear-entry pants
Pants, pranced
Pranced, danced
On a weekend romance
Romance, smashed
Romance, smashed

*Mr. Poo*

Mr. Poo -- he's in you.
Smear your face with poo.  Eat a retard's poo.
I am king of poo.
You are eating poo.  I'm going to slit your throat.
Smear my face with poo.
It's too late for food.  Fill my mouth with poo.


I've got some food.
I'm going to make a foodball.
I'm going to eat it.
I'm going to kick it.

*Gorgon 5*

My name is Gorgon 5.  I cram retarded people up my butt.  I fire snot out of my
ass.  I fire shit out of my mouth and ears.  That is just what I do.

Retarded people are really neat.  I like to cram them up my butt.

Gorgon 5 rides into town, firing giant clumps of sh out of his mouth.  He
carefully aims at a retard and destroys it with a giant clump of shit.
Gorgon 5 laughs!
Gorgon 5, Gorgon 5 -- he will electrify the world!
Gorgon 5, Gorgon 5 -- he's going to cover the world with shit!
Gorgon 5 is going to cram those retards up his butt!
This is just the way that he is.  Please try to understand.
He did not choose the way he his.  Nobody chooses the way that they are.
He is just a man.  You've got to love everybody!  He was born free!
People have the right to be just who they are.
People have the right to share all of their love.
People have the right to truly feel free.

*The Hyper-Zone*

Main Character:  Popular Gay Dog
Supporting Characters:  Mark, Ladies, Hyper-Jammers
1.  The Popular Gay Dog
        One of the confidants of Dr. Tardcraft (a.k.a. Mary This).  Finds the
"warm thing" which plays an important part in connecting the insane dog to its
primal self.
2.  Mark
        Friend, sidekick and secret lover of Popular Gay Dog.  Travels with
said dog after their fateful rendezvous with destiny.  Tends to avoid speaking,
especially when the Ladies are around or when the topic turns to the
philosophical side.  Comes through for the Popular Gay Dog with dextrous magic
in the clutch!
3.  Ladies
        Have known Popular Gay Dog since it was a pup.  Usually pet the Popular
Gay Dog on its bottom when they meet and continue this action throughout their
4.  The Hyper-Jammers
        Also known as the "Wacky Robots" or the "Wacky Gay-Rillas," they
destroyed the Popular Gay Dog along with Mark and the Ladies in episode 8: 
"The Slaughter of the Turtles."

*Puphy the Cannibal*

Puphy the carrot fires a cannonball into the side of your head.
Puphy the carrot fires a cannonball into the side of a watermelon.
Why do you cry?
Why did you die?
Puphy the carrot fires a cannonball into the mouth of God.
Puphy the carrot fries a cannonball with his highly acidic urine.
Puphy the carrot destroyed your head, a watermelon, God, and a cannonball.
He deserves to die.

*Mr. Hamburger*

Mr. Hamburger, you make me feel so good.
Mr. Hamburger, you live a life of food.
Mr. Hamburgerer.
Mr. Hamburger, you dork, I'm going to eat a piece of my poo.
Growing a hand, growing my hand.
Growing the hamburger tree.
The hamburger tree
Is smiling on me
The hamburger tree
The hamburger tree
The hamburger tree
The hamburger tree... is me!

*Hound Dog*

The Hound Dog is a vicious thing
I don't know, but I think it's king!
So all you girls, you better watch out
'cause the Hound Dog's gonna come and make you shout!
Hound Dog... gonna get you
Hound Dog... gonna eat you!
Hound Doggy, Hound Hound Doggy
The Hound Dog is a blood-sucking beast
I am sure you are the feast!
So come on everybody, let's scream and yell.
'cause the Hound Dog's gonna come and put you through hell!