Wacky Ball Kickers Lyrics

*Sing It, Mrs. Ass*

Good morning, Mrs. Ass, good morning!
Welcome to this day, you've an ass!
Shine it on, shine it on us
Shine your beautiful ass, baby --
cast its luminous glow over all of creation!
(Chorus) My dog's name is Mrs. Ass (Sing it, Mrs. Ass!)
:If you don't like that, you can kiss my ass!
:Bright light shines from the ass of my dog, Mrs. Ass
:It's gonna burn a hole through your damn fat ass!
My cold hands touch her bottom
She begins to cry
I hold up Mrs. Ass and point her bottom toward the sky
The light, brighter than the brightest star
The brightest ass in the universe by far!
The light, the light, the beautiful wonderful light;
it will set this world afire!!
And it dwells within the ass of Mrs. Ass.
And it dwells within the ass of my dog, Mrs. Ass!
There is nothing in the world worth more to me than the ass of my dog, Mrs.
There is nothing worth the equal or more amount than that compared to my dog's
ass of Mrs. Ass in the world today or evermore!
Heigh ho, Mrs. Ass!  Where'd you get an ass like that?
That is a mighty fine ass!
Heigh ho, Mrs. Ass!  Mrs. Ass, you're an ass!
Go cram a dog up your ass!

*Rockin' Retard*

i am a retarded
watch me go
i like rock music
open app so i come out
bwaack -- hello!
i have music on my tape
that rock and roll music
you do want to listen to my tape?
is it rock and roll.
when i listen to rock and roll music
i like --HA!-- it!
i am a retarded
play me some rock and roll music
i clap hand
and when i hear rock music
when my friend told me to like rock music
and then i listen to the tape
Beware of retarded faces that you find;
a retard's face can hide an evil mind!
i am a retarded; watch me go
i like rock music hello
i think grownups don't like my tape and call it rock music is cool because my
tape is rock and roll music

*I'm Going to Kick Myself in the Balls*

I'm having a party
I'm going to kick myself in the balls
I'm a big bad boy
and I'm having a party.
Come to my party, come sing along
come see me kick myself in the balls
I'll treat you to a funny sight,
and I won't be fakin' it.  I'm doin' it tonight!
Watch me kick myself in the balls.
Watch me and you'll laugh!
I'm having a party, so please come along.
We'll have a really great time!
I'm going to kick myself in the balls
Gonna kick 'em at hyper-speed!
I know how to party, just wait and see.
Gonna kick myself in the balls tonight at my party!
Gonna kick myself in the balls tonight.
Then I'm gonna kick my dog in the balls!

*Kid Headly: The Dog with an Enormous Head*

My dog's name is Kid Headly
Its head outweighs its body by a ratio of 5:4
Its head is very big.
Its head possesses the shape of a huge watermelon
Covered with sharp, thick bristles that sting
And it smells like fish, or a fish-like thing
And it never moves an inch from the place where it rests;
because its head is much too big.
Kid Headly cannot move!!
It just lies on the ground and acts really cool.
But the dog's head is big and really awesome!
One day I got sick of looking at Kid Headly's hideous head.
So I decided to crush its head with my head.
You should have heard the scream that it made when I started crushing its head.
And from the oozing remains of its skull, which twitched on the ground,
there emerged a live, full-grown brainiac!

*Come Dance with Dr. Tardcraft*

Come and dance with Dr. Tardcraft
He's really crazy, he likes to dance real fast.
He's going to knock you on your ass!  (He like you.)
His name is Dr. Tardcraft.
He's got a dog named Mr. Fartcraft.
And they'd like to dance with you.
Come on and dance with a guy who's named Dr. Tardcraft
and he'll do something funny while using his cat!
He's five meters long and weighs more than your
Head off to the dance floor
With your partner for tonight, Dr. Tardcraft.
Read his hips, and he just might
let you blah blah blah please help me oh god strike me down have mercy