Hemorrhoy Rogers and the Rrhoid Boyz Lyrics

Cream of What!?

(alternative names for album?)
(no spelling is ever certain)
Rhoid Like the Wind
Dragon Fly Bow Tie
Rhoid Away!
Rhoid on?
Cream of What!?
Blue Man Kisses Green Woman
Every Tard Dies, Not every Tard Lives
Reusable Toothpick (reusable tamp])
Rabid Retards (Rapid Fire Retard)
Bigger Meals, Fewer Meals
Going to the bathroom (bothroom) gives me an erection
I have a hot pad that was sculpted by a retard.  Some of his pubic hair is
  still in it. (this is literally true)
Does a female dog have the right to an abortion?
I have a girlfiend who can barely see over her boobs.
Goodbye Retard

Beautiful Song Lyrics

1) I知 gonna Run Like the Wind (like Butafucko) [into my bathroom, to be free again] or I知 gonna pee into the wind
I知 gonna run like the wind / Run like my mom / Run like a dog / Run into the bathroom and drop a log (make sound like frog) / I知 gonna run like the wind into my bathroom / To be free again! / I知 gonna run my fingers thru my hair / Then I知 gonna run into the night...

2) Rob Sutton Fucked Meg Ryan
Rob Sutton Fucked Meg Ryan / Rob fucked my mom, / Then Rob fucked my dog! YEAH!!!

3) My Dog is a Rock Climbing Fool
My dog is a rock climbing fool / Oh, he likes to go rock climbing after school / He doesn稚 wear a helmet or even a pair of gloves / But rock climbing is what he loves. / YEAH!!!

4) I知 Gonna Eat Foot
I知 gonna eat foot I知 gonna eat foot / Every single day. / And if you try to stop me well, I値l just say go away. / For the shadow of my toilet lies large across the land / The ticking of my bowels is like the bomb with in your hands / I must now go to the bathroom and scream. / When I go to the bathroom it make me scream / Now I知 going to the bathroom. / It is the place to be. / Its where I like to sit down and think about life and what bathroom mean to me. / It mean a lot to me!!!! / I知 gonna bathroom / I知 gonna bathroom every single day / And if you try to stop I値l scream, 敵ET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!! / The moral of this story is that you go bathroom too. / And I think that we both know / It something good to do.

5) On the Road Again (used to be about eating your mom痴 tampons [funnier] but Rob ruined it)
That dog is a very big tard / That dog bites himself very hard / Now dog bites me and hurts me / Hurts me very bad. / He likes to pinch me there / Cause he knows it makes me mad / He knows there痴 something out there / He can smell it in the air / He loves food and now, / we池e on the road again!

6) Hemeroy痴 Theme song
My name is Hemeroy Rogers and these / These things are my Rhoid Boyz. / Come on, feel the rrhoid / Come and enjoy my void / Now listen closely to the rhoid boyz. / Hey now! / Hemeroy...

7) Your mom is cool
Hemeroy was watching TV the other day / The telephone rang and he heard the rrhoid boyz say, / 滴emeroy, Hemeroy, how are you feeling today? / You致e got a dear for a mom.

8) Free the Rrhoid
This song is about Hemeroy / Hemeroy touched my Hemorrhoids / and now I知 free! / Come on everybody, come and see. / He痴 got the magical touch, / He痴 come to set you free. / Let him touch your hemorrhoids and you be just like me! / Just like Mr. T!

9) I am retarded ded did dead did dead did did did did
I am retarded

10) Its Not Rape
Slowly you turn and / Oh! Hemeroy... / Come to me, you池e so beautiful / Its not rape unless you resist. / Picture yourself with a dog eating Hemeroy. / With tangerine tards that reach for the sky. / Slowly you turn and out from my mouth, / A girl with Kaleidoscope eyezzzah!!!

11) The Kids
We are the students of Widney High / We get primary reinforcement / But we池e all tards / We池e all tards / We池e all tards / We池e all tards!!!

12) You are the Tard
Feeding time again / Here at the ocean / The tards will be here soon / And they値l be hungry / Why do you have that funny look in your eye / Why is that fish in your mouth. / I think that / You are the tard...

13) Hemeroy Rogers
Hemeroy Rogers / The bad boyz are coming to town / Hemeroy Rogers / the cowboys are coming to town / Better gather the rrhoid boyz around / Roger over and out / Chahhhh...

14) Grape White Hemeroy
I met a dog today it痴 name was Hemeroy. / He made me eat a stinky piece of poopie / I noticed a grape white hemorrhoid hanging precariously from his behind / The retard in me reached out and grabbed it / And pinched the Hemeroy hard / Now I am sorry. / Hungry food will fill up mommy痴 tummy. / She thinks that I知 looking for Jesus / In a curious way she was right. / I値l kick her skull in tonight. / La La LA LA LA!!!

15) Fast Car
Hemeroy drives a fast car / He痴 a stupid retar / He be at your house soon / Hemeroy drives a fast car / Girls watch him go by. / Hemeroy runs over Jeff. / Poor Jeff.

16) We (the rrhoid boyz) Like Hemeroy
I like Hemeroy / Its a wonderful night / To go dancing with Hemeroy Rogers and that. / Why don稚 you come / Dancing with us / Maybe your going to die!

17) Ben Bradley痴 Penis
Ben Bradley痴 penis is as big as my dick / You know I beat it hard / So hard I beat it with my big stick / I saw Ben in my dreams / He whipped it against a wall / Whipped it hard and let out a scream. / I think he hurt his thing.

18) Take this dog and shove it
Take this dog and shove it up your nose / Shove this dog up your nose / I don稚 want it shove it up your nose / If you don稚 take dog I値l spit into your mouth / You better do what you told / Shove dog up nose. / Then shove preparation-h up your nose down your throat up your nose down your throat / Shove this dog you have up your nose further up your nose / Take this take that shove this up your nose.

19) Gorgon 6
What in there? / Something in air... / Do you smell penis? It smell you! / It smell penis coming from poo. / Penis is searching / The mouth is open / Preparation-H inside I知 a hope-in / Tooth bite penis / Ouch! / You make sneaker sound, what you say? / No time to lose. / My penis will will save my penis / Monkey smell cat poopie / Why?

20) Plepesisio-H

All day I try to spell word Preparation-H / On calculator, all day, all day. / The best I can do is spell Plepesisio-H / The best I can do is kill your ugly mom. / But my friend spell reterd. / And I don稚 know how. / He spell reterd on calculator / But I only spell plepesisio-h on calculator / I never say anything but it look more like geblaro / Geblaro. / Cause he used letter R for an 8 / I thought he spelled reterd and I laughed / But I looked at it and it spelled Geblaro / On calculator I think letter R isn稚 spelled with 8. / Hair dryer dries preparation-h onto mirror / What does it say? Farp. / Wipe ass at vanilla envelope / Out from ass shoot bar of soap. / Do Niggy hear footstep? / The first letter, F / The word is FARP / What is the word? / Fard

21) Hemeroy on my Mind
Hemeroy is his name / And makin funny faces is his favorite game / Hemeroy you池e always makin funny faces all the time / You池e always on my mind, Hemeroy.

22) Hemeroy痴 Extra Eye
Hey everybody come gather round / See me eat this food right off this plate and sing about a guy named / Hemeroy Rogers / He is the guy who痴 got a dog named tard / The prettiest dog in town! / Now look at his head, he痴 got at extra eye. / Hemeroy has got an extra eye. / Now look at his head, he has got an extra eye / Hemeroy has got an extra eye, oh guy. / Named Hemeroy / He値l look as his dog with his extra eye and eat a lot of food! / He値l eat a lot of with his dog / He値l eat a dog now as his food.

23) Hemeroy痴 Brown Spot
I once met a guy named Hemeroy / He had a brown spot on his leg. / It was really neat. / Today is the day I知 going to die / Let me just say good-bye / Don稚 touch that brown spot on Hemeroy痴 leg or he値l fuck you in the mouth.

24) Hemeroy Gargle

25) Hemeroy brush teeth

26) Hemeroy痴 Girl
Its a good day for the end of the world / Said Hemeroy this fine morning / I値l fix a couple pieces of toast / And then cut off my girl friends left arm. / Cause it痴 a good day for the end of the world / Yeah, it痴 the perfect day for the end of the world! / So Hemeroy finished with his toasted wheat bread / And cut off his girl friend痴 left arm. / He went for a walk in the fresh morning air / not really expecting to find / A good day for the end of the world / another perfect day for the end of his world...

27) Run Hemeroy Run
Hemeroy was sitting alone on his Rrhoids / When all of a sudden behind / Four legged retards attacked his TV / Leaving nothing but trouble behind / It first seemed to Hemeroy that this all was quite strange / As a tard crushed the fluorescent screen / Then his mind collapsed and he stood up and danced / I think you know might know what I mean / You better run Hemeroy run / Run Hemeroy run / Run for your life!

28) Hemeroy痴 Goat
Hemeroy痴 got a big fat nose / A big fat nose, you know how it goes? / Hemeroy痴 got 2 legs and 2 arms / 2 legs and 2 arms like a horse on a farm / And Hemeroy痴 got more friends in this world than your mom / Your big fat mom. / And Hemeroy痴 got zits on his face / really bad, lots of zits / And Hemeroy痴 got a book with pictures of dead people in it. / Hemeroy痴 got your eyes / Hemeroy痴 got your mouth / Hemeroy痴 got your ears / Hemeroy痴 got no fear.

29) The Moody Blues
Look into my eyes, Hemorrhoy Rogers / Hemorrhoy you池e the greatest. / You like to eat cornflakes / Hemorrhoy you池e so cool / Won稚 you lend me a pencil please / Hemorrhoy you池e poppin / Hemorrhoy he痴 not stoppin / Cause when you get to the top / You dog will pop pop pop / Hemorrhoy is no joker / He値l fuckin kill you / He値l cut your head off with a spoon / and hang it out back with your mom. / poppin time!

30) Hemorrhoy has a Soul (just like your mom)
Hemorrhoy Hemorrhoy Hemorrhoy / Rogers / Hemorrhoy痴 got this thing, called a face / It makes him wander around / He wanders around. / He wanders around looking for his keys / Hemorrhoy took his eyes out to get a bite to eat / Made sure to keep his arms / well out of site. / And so he took a seat / and waved goodbye / He waved goodbye / Hemorrhoy was waving goodbye to his soul

31) Hemorrhoy eats Chicken
I eat chicken / That痴 what I do. / My name is Hemorrhoy Rogers / And I致e very pleased to meat you. / Now let me tell you, / I really think you池e nieee!!! / To eat a piece of chicken with you tonight. / I eat chicken!!! / Oh Yeah!!! / To eat a piece of chicken with you tonight!!!!!

32) I am retarded (remix-with-new-new-middle-part)
I am retardeded dead did dead did dead did dead dead

33) Sometimes I Hemorrhoy
Sometimes I dream / That he (Hemorrhoy ) is me / You致e got to see that痴 how I dream to be / Like Hemorrhoy, I壇 like to be like Hemorrhoy

34) Hemorrhoy has Hemmorhoids
Hemorrhoy, he痴 got hemmorhoids / just like me / Come and see them / I just might put one in your mouth / You mom enjoys the Rhoid / Come on touch it, man / Touch the bloody Rhoid / then go wash your hands!!!! YEAH!!!

35) Running towards you ball(s)
When I was just a lad / my neighbor痴 dog hit me real hard / He bruised my shoulder, knocked me over and nearly made me die / It seems just like the other day / I killed a horse and ate it痴 balls / And now I知 running with the law / I知 running from your dog / I知 running with my mom / I知 running into a wall / I知 running toward your ball!!!! / Ball!!!

36) Hemorrhoy ate a Fart
Hemorrhoy ate a hamburger / Hemorrhoy ate a hamburger / wa wa wa wa wa wa wa / ehn?

37) Hemorrhoy and the Ah?
Hemorrhoy and the Rhoid Boyz / Hemorrhoy Hem Hem Hem Hemorrhoy / Rhoid!!! Boy / Ah / Hem / Roy / Ha / Ha / Hem / Roy / Ah / Hemorrhoy and the Rhoid Boyz / Hem Hem Hem a Roy / Hema hema hema roid!? / Hem / Ah / Roy

38) Hemorrhoy Blows Some Goat Hair

39) I Beat My Gargoyle
Hemorrhoy his name is Hemorrhoy! / Hemorrhoy his name is Roy, Oh yeah! / la la la la la / la la la la la la la / Oh yeah

40) Hemorrhoy 100 years ago (don稚 give up watching pornos!)

41) Hemorrhoy 500 years ago (don't give up watching sports)
(high speed sped up chipmunk nonsense)

42) Neonatal Dog 6-B
I am neonatal dog 6-B / Growing a tumor in my neonatal knee / Hemorrhoy Rogers is a groovy Guy / He helps me grow this tumor in my neonatal knee / My oncogenes will soon metastasize and I値l abort / So this is the end, I致e made so many good friends / Especially Neonatal Dog 3-R / It痴 hard to say goodbye!!!

43) Hemorrhoy Rogers in his futuristic automobile
(painfully short instrumental)

44) Crap
Hemorrhoy Rogers

45) Another song about Hemorrhoy Rogers that doesn稚 have any lyrics.

46) Mary Tyler More show rip-off
Who can eat some food now with a cyclone / Who can take a retard and turn him into president / Well, It痴 Hemorrhoy and you should know it / He eats food like you love it / Hemorrhoy Rogers is eating food / He got a tard elected president / Now he痴 gonna kill his dog.

47) I can稚 go to the bathroom
I can稚 go to the bathroom cause I知 already in the bathroom / If you want to go to the bathroom when you池e in the bathroom / Just go to another bathroom / Thank you

48) He痴 gonna eat some food
Hema-Roy-Rogers / Hemorrhoy you are so cool / Hemorrhoy you are a fool / Oh Hemorrhoy you池e gonna eat some food / Oh Hemorrhoy eat food!

49) The Graduate
Oh, I知 a college graduate and I知 ok / I watch TV all night / And I sleep all day / I watch TV / I eat some food / I go to the Lavatory

50) Ig Gonna Glue
I知 gonna glue / My head to my knee / I知 gonna glue my dog to my foot / Then I知 gonna glue my head to a basketball

51) Your Dad called
Hemorrhoy Rogers / ???

52) Hemorrhoy Rogers has a dog
Hemorrhoy Rogers has a dog / Hemorrhoy Rogers is a dog

53) Eat This
My name is Hemorrhoy / What is my name? / Hold my hand as I glue my head to this dog (to your head) / It痴 really neat.

54) Time for Fun!
My name is Hemorrhoy Rogers and these are my Rhoid Boyz / We hope that you have had some fun / We know that we sure did! / He everybody, Have some fun! Come on Damn you!!! / I think that it would be fun to kill you all today! / I知 gonna kill you all with my bare hands!!!!!

55) Dance of my Dog
This the Dance of my dog / Come on do the dance / The dance of my dog is not hard to do / The dance of my dog will make you groove

56) Hemorrhoy痴 Motive
Hemorrhoy Rogers is his name / And makin funny faces is his game / And his motive is clear / To make children cheer / Is all Hemorrhoy really wants / There痴 a retard coming over hear / On his head he痴 balancing a glass of beer / He痴 makin funny faces at lots of kids / And the kids are getting very very scared / He痴 making funny faces so he looks like different places / He痴 really kind of talented dead did / Go Hemorrhoy!

57) Hemorrhoy is a Dork-Rod
If I won the lottery I壇 go to the Pottery / And then I壇 hire a crack research team to research my crack

58) Here comes Abe痴 Dog
Here comes Abe Lincoln / And he痴 Thicoln / That he痴 gonna play some golf / Abe Lincoln痴 got a dog named Freddy

59) Hemorrhoy Sings Thru His Nose
These words which I知 singing now / I知 singing thru my nose / These words which I shall sing / I値l sing them thru my nose / And this is how I practice and this is how it goes

60) Hemorrhoy痴 Got Legs. (2 very big legs)
I致e got legs and I know how to use them / I try to run away but I can稚 lose them / I致e got two very big legs / Hey you, reverend retard / Hey you, got such speed / Hey you, reverend retard / Won稚 you be my queen? / I致e got legs and I know how to use them / I try to run away but I can稚 lose them / I致e got two very big legs

61) Hemorrhoy Flushes the Toilet
I put spaghetti in my toilet / I flushed it down / Oh baby baby I love that flushing sound / Then I pored Wheat chexs in my toilet I stirred them around / Oh baby, then I flushed them down. / I pushed my dog into my toilet and tried to flush her down / I tried and tried to flush her down / But she just kept spinning and spinning around / Ohh la la la Ohh la la la Umm la la la la

62) Stop War
Stop War / Stop War / Stop War / That痴 what Hemorrhoy Rogers is singin for!

63) My Retord
Meet my retard / It痴 made out of meat / It痴 made out of meat / And that痴 kind of neat / When He sits down / the world claps along / The world claps along / And tard claps my palmg / Beat my retard / It痴 kindof fun / It痴 kind of fun / To finger his asshole

64) Eat Hemorrhoy痴 booger, or else!
Hemorrhoy Rogers / He痴 so mean, he痴 so mean / Hemorrhoy Rogers / Oh He痴 too mean, He痴 too mean / I got a big sticky booger in my nose / It makes me mean / It makes me mean / I don稚 want to eat that booger / It tastes bad / It tastes bad / Hemorrhoy Rogers that bastard / He farted right in my face / Farted right in my face / I don稚 want to smell that big stinky fart / I値l cover my mouth / I値l cover my nose / I don稚 want to touch the bloody rhoid / It looks like cheese / It looks like cheese

65) Hemorrhoy is going to cut your head off
Hello Baby, / (hello baby, hello baby) / we got a date / (Hello baby, you know we致e got a date!) / I got a date to cut your head off! / (I知 gonna cut your head, cut your head off) / Uh, baby uh don稚 you be afraid / (Please, please, don稚 be afraid!) / Cause I知 gonna / (He痴 gonna cut your head off) / cut your head off about a half past eight! / (He値l cut your head off bout half past eight He値l cut your head off and it痴 going to be great!) / I知 gonna uh hold you uh with my uh great big fingers / (He痴 going to hold you still with his great big fingers) / And I知 gonna cut your head off / about a half past eight har har har har har / (ha hah ha ha)

66) We are the Tards - You are the Gayrillas
-Intro by Ice Berg and his razor smooth homo- / We are Tards / You are the Gayrillas....... / There is nothing better than a peanut butter sandwich / We are the tards!!! / We are Tards / You are the Gayrillas...... / From Hemorrhoy Rogers Womb / We spring forth like flowers in the mud

67) Hemorhhoy is a smooth talker
Hemorrhoy Rogers / He痴 quite a lucky guy / Hemorrhoy Rogers / Just poked out my eye / Hemorrhoy Rogers / with football in my mouth / Hemorrhoy Rogers / moves into my house / Hema Hema rhoid boy / Hema Hema rhoid boy / Hem - Hemorrhoy He痴 quite a handsome guy / Hem Hemarhoy He痴 quite a handsome guy / He痴 quite a handsome guy / And if we don稚 stop him he値l eat a tampoon soon

68) Hemorrhoy got dumped by some chick
Hemorrhoy girl left town / She thought Hemorrhoy was messing around / Now she痴 cooking bacon / and chewing a piece of meat / Hem is alone, what has he done? / Hemorrhoy Hemorrhoy Hemorrhoy how are you doing? / Hemorrhoy Hemorrhoy Hemorrhoy what have you done? / What have you done Hemorrhoy?

69) One Chunk
One chunk of bloody puss oozing out a retard痴 ass / Then Hemorrhoy Rogers cleans it up with his tongue / When Hemorrhoy Rogers wants to make love with a goat / There痴 no way to escape

70) Ig don Glue
Ig don glue is new to town / Let痴 take him out and show him around / Ig don glue can hold his breath / Ig don glue is turning blue / Then loe, the heavens parted / and riding a great white steed / Hemorrhoy Rogers descends to earth / He speaks, oh speak again bright angle / 的g don glue you池e cutting in on my personal space / I sentence you to die by holding your own breath / Ig don glue is now going to die / The Hemorrhoy he痴 quite a guy! / Ig don glue will now cease to breath / Ig don glue is turning blue

71) Hemorrhoy likes to go bowling
Hit it boy / His head痴 no bigger than a soccer ball / Hemorrhoy痴 only five foot 9 / He痴 not even athletically gifted / What makes him so fine? / It must be something in the way he walks / Just take a look at those bowling shoes / Hemorrhoy Rogers, he likes to go bowling / Hemorrhoy Rogers, he don稚 need no excuse / We hear and obey, we here and obey

72) Brain juggler
You can not juggle your own brain / But you can try you can try you can try / If you try to juggle your own brain, let me tell you why you will die / your brain is not an empty ball of mass / It痴 nothing like a j ball at all / It痴 not round firm or well balanced / And worst of all it痴 stuck inside your skull / And when you take it out of your head / To juggle as you intended / You値l have a big surprise

73) Rotting Piss Drool
Hemorrhoy Rogers is a special guy / Hemorrhoy Rogers fell out of the sky / Now he痴 dead / Broke open his head / Das Hemorrhoy requiem / That big fool / living with drool / He never learned my rule. / His body is rotting and will be gone soon / Hurry my friend and go get a spoon / We値l eat his brain / consume his past pain / It tastes great / Like dozens of apple jacks? / Never again shall trouble befall us / and if it does it痴 not my fault this time! / Hemorrhoy Rogers is a special guy / Hemorrhoy Rogers fell out of the sky

74) Imagine Hemorrhoy
Look it痴 Hemorrhoy Rogers again / On TV he looks just like an angle / It痴 difficult to imagine, / He痴 just as pathetic as you or I / Every one is the same / They like the same food and they watch the same movies / Hemorrhoy is my redemption / at night he whispers, 的値l take you away / Hemorrhoy Rogers, Hemorrhoy Rogers and the rhoid boyz

75) N o M o r e
Hemorrhoy Rogers / is a rip off of Roy Rogers / Think confabulation / I知 going to kill you now / open your mouth and count to 4 / nothing can stop me I知 sticking to you / Here we go / One, Two / You池e almost there / three, four / one, two, three, four / We池e dorks, and no more!

76) Pizza girl?
Oh My piece of girl / Oh my piece of girl / voice of an angle / Are you waiting for me? / Will you love me? / My little piece of girl / Will you tip me? Pizza girl! / (narrative deleted)

77) It痴 not 3 late
Welcome to Hemorrhoy Rogers world / A world of fanciful food and narrow dogs / Enjoy you池e self / Hemorrhoy Rogers picks his feet / Hemorrhoy Rogers scratches his leg / Hemorrhoy Rogers then takes a nap and wakes up to food / It痴 not to late to kill a dog / It痴 not to late to kill you mom / It痴 not to late to kill your friends / Hemorrhoy Rogers rides again! / Hemorrhoy Rogers he痴 the guy / It痴 not to late to go to sleep / It痴 not to eat some food / Kill everybody is Hemorrhoy Rogers message / Heed it well

78) The Ability
I致e temporarily lost the ability / To design shoes for dogs / I wish I will I wish I might / Wish on the fastest dog tonight / When a tard is a robot is a dog痴 shoe

79) Maximum Monkey Command
This is monkey commander / Requesting maximum overkill / If you don稚 turn over the tard now, / Your dog is going to die!

80) Hemorrhoy get ectopic pregnancy
Hemorrhoy Rogers got ectopic pregnancy / implanted in his esophagus / And I wonder how it get there?

81) Hemorrhoy get Hemorid
Hemorrhoy got hemorid / Made rhoid boys go away / Why did you go away? / Hemorrhoy made car hit bump / Ouch! / Rhoid boys back to stay! / Hurrhah / Hemorrhoy that Hemorrhoy / He痴 such an awesome guy

82) We are retards. You and me tards
We are retards. You and me tards. / We are retards. / We are retarded, watch us lounge around / We are the retarded / We値l rock this little town / because / We are retards you and me tards / We are retards / self- propelled retards / Propel me very far / Self-propelled retard / Propel me very hard / We are retards you and me tards

83) There is a farm in my mouth
There is a farm / inside my mouth / It痴 not very big / it fits in my mouth / Have a seat / remove your clothes / Take a look inside / An entire farm / as you can see / resides inside my mouth / A farm with wheat / A farm with a pool / Now you must believe me / Come live in my farm / and you will not be sad / There is a farm / inside my mouth / It痴 not big for a farm / But a farm it is / With hogs and pigs / and a tard every door! / There is a farm / inside my mouth / It痴 not very big / it fits in my mouth

84) The life of every tard
The life of every tard / is precious in the site of our lord / Soon I値l sleep / And yet I eat / MY bottom spreads out to fit your chair / Here it comes / And yet I eat / When tards don稚 care

85) Jesus Christ!
I was drunk / and destitute / I didn稚 have a dime to my name / The cops picked me up for peeing on a dog / that痴 when I met the man, you know his name / Jesus Christ / Saved my soul / and made me whole again / Now I知 going to pay him back by farting really loud / Jesus Christ / He changed my mind/ and gave me hope / and I want to go to bathroom again... / the bathroom again / I知 going to the bathroom again / I知 going to the bathroom again....

86) Don稚 bother Hemorrhoy (He痴 a boy)
Don稚 bother me or I値l flick a booger into your nose / I know its gross but I値l do it any way / Don稚 bother / me or I値l flick a booger into your mouth / I know its fun, that痴 why I do it all the time / That痴 why we do / it, that痴 why we eat it that痴 why we do it / Hello friend, I知 your toaster / Hello hello, it痴 your toaster again / hello friend

(extremely difficult stretch [black diamond section of our tape] good luck)

87a) We devote Our Life to You
-Lyrics not worth typing-

87b) Murder -er er
Quack Quack Quack / My name is Abe Lincoln / And Murder was the case that they gave me! / My name is Hemorrhoy Rogers / And Murder was the case that they gave me! / My name is Angie / And Murder was the case that they gave me / My name is John / And murder was the case that they gave me! Murder, murder, murder er er er...

88) Me Myself and It
Me myself and It / We both have same armpit

89)What I would do if I one 100 Million Dollars (live)
If I one 100 million dollars I壇 buy a big house. Then I壇 go buy a thousand dogs and let them loose inside the house. I壇 lock the door and come back in a week. Rock!

90) Gay boy song (take 1)
I am a necrophilic gay boy / He is a bestial gay boy / What are you going to do? / ahh!!!

91) Dinosaurs invented roman candles
-Most this song was 疎ccidentally deleted...

92) Please, Please, Please, Let me eat some food
Let me eat some food. / It won稚 be the first food. / For once in my life, let me eat some food / Hemorroy Rogers, This will be the first time!

93) I once met a guy named Hemorrhoy Rogers
And I thought he was going to destroy the world / eating breakfast was his game!

94) I知 glad I知 not named 銑eotard
So my Japanese friends don稚 call me 然eotard

95) I知 on a mission to go to bathroom
If I do not go, I could meat my doom / I like to eat lots of food / That痴 why I must go bathroom

96) If I could make a living out of eating food
I壇 be a millionaire in a week or two. / I知 a miracle dancer, I知 un-poopular / I知 Hemorrhoy Rogers!

97) The Monkeys are coming! (This is actually a good song, you値l like it lots!)
Hemorrhoy Rogers is his name.

98) Hemorrhoy Rogers is a freak, he plays soccer with his feet
Hemorrhoy Rogers has a dog. He named it Mr. Clean. / Oh, Hemorrhoy Rogers, what痴 that on your face?

99) Hemorrhoy, We love you!
There was once a man, his name was Hemorrhoy... / Hemorrhoy R rides again, He want痴 to be your friend / Hemorrhoy, WE LOVE YOU!!! / He痴 eatin lots of food. He痴 jumpin around again!

100) I知 going to the bothroom, it makes me feel fine!
I taught Hemorrhoy Rogers how to talk. / Now he speaks universal truth. / I致e spoken these truths for you to hear. / Now feed me tampoons. / I知 going to chew some food with you / I知 going to put it in my mouth and chew. / and when I chew I chew on you. / Cause when I chew that痴 what I do!!!!