Secret Love

Movement #3:

Thomas Nostril, you are happy You just killed Andy Pandy Your brother hit a car with a wiffle bat Then ate the car... how about that! Thomas Nostril is a lump of shit. "I'm Thomas Nostril. I am happy. I just killed Andy Pandy! My brother hit a car with a wiffle bat then ate the car. What a dork!" He's Thomas Nostril, he is happy he just ate Andy Pandy Plaease beware of Mrs. Bill Pineapple He's going to make a giant fart sound!

Movement #4:

My hand can say 'results'.
It will be mad!
Many have been surprised by my hand!
Why don't you notice Gilbert?
It is my dog.
You won't forget the wrath of my hand!
My hands are very big.
With them I'll make you sing.
I'll wave them back and forth in front of your face,
and this might just make you jump!
They are just so big
My hands are just so big
I can reach down to the ground and pick up a twig!
With my hands I can stretch your face
Expose a secret wart
Snap to a 5/11 time
Wave to my dog!
I can scratch the food
Lick Mr. Shoe
Defile a coat!

Movement #5

And I wish I was a fish
I wish I had your hair
And I wish I could hold up my food
and scream out that God is gay!
Kids are attracted to water like a magnet to a squirrel.
I throw cantaloupes at the heads of both boys and girls!
Hence I wish I did eat my fist
I wish I would die right now
Small egg children are attracted to eat
Like my fist to your face!

Movement #7

Here comes Mrs. Penny
Bombing anthills with pennies
Systematically breeding chickens to inhabit her kitchen
(wa wa wa wa wa)
Here comes Thomas Nostril
Bombing anthills with pennies
Systematically breeding ketchup for his turtle army!
Those are pretty big legs for a cat!
John Legg clasps his cat.
Listen, John, your cat is talking to you!
Listen, John, it says it likes food!
Listen, John, to your destructive cat!
It's saying it loves you.  It wants to cut out your tongue!

Movement #8

"My name's Rib
I like kids
My heads on fire!"
Rib the Reporting Monkey...
ate his arm today
ate everything, hurray
slam-dunked his head of clay
says he is doing ok
stamps out tooth decay
screams, "get out of the way!"
reports that God is gay

*How the Mouth Walks*

Oh the sun is bright enough to burn a scalp
And oh, what a scalp I've got!
It will burn burn burn until I scream,
"Oh what a scalp I've got!"
I'll scream that over and over
I'll scream until you're deaf
Or I'll scream until somebody comes along
and crushes my head with a bat!
He was bulbous
round as a pan
Caught his head in a fan
His name was Gingivitalisis
He ate food, he could count up to six.
His love in life forgotten,
he mucus
he mucus
Most people would disagree with you if you said that a mouth could walk.
But they are all... right!  But if one could, this is how one would.  He'd
start with a stomp stomp stomp and a shuffle shuffle shuffle and he'd move
across the floor etc.