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GAJOOB #8 April 1992

"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Fagot Fiend - Mr Pure Rocket says that 'this tape will make you kill yourself and poo.' But he loves you, just the same. Big Poo Generator, formerly named 'Gland Puppies,' sing a lot about food and (I guess it follows) poo - like Dali painted timepieces. The thing that saves this from getting real old fast is the fact that the music here is some of the most complex and melodically challenging (and downright fun) stuff I've heard in a long time - probably since the Gland Puppies tape review in last issue, I guess. Sort of reminds me of Rudy Schwartz and Dino Dimuro (all of them have strong Zappa influences) with tight vocal harmonies and even stronger melody lines. The diversity of classic pop styles that are thrown into the mix here will keep you rewinding side one to hear something different. Side two is mostly live. Much more lean. Sound like they (he?) just didn't have enough to fill the tape and put this on. If you take the plunge on a few tapes in this issue, make this one of the ones you dive into. Or cannonball. Sound: 5 out of 5."

BEN IS DEAD March/April 1992

"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release - E-Z listening computer sequenced muzak. Multi-layered, sped-up munchkin backing vocals that grate on the nerves. And in case you need any extra reasons not to buy this one, there's always that lead singer, warbling endlessly about ca-ca, pee-pee and the joys of playing with your anus. This tape comes from a man named Mr Pure who has an obsession with the toilet training process. Big Poo Generator tries to cash in on the kiddee rock void left by Marlo Thomas, who got into hard drugs in the 70's, burned out and never again quite approached the savage genius of her 'Free To Be-You & Me' period. This is a tape your toddler might enjoy, providing that he's somewhat less sophisticated and intelligent than most of his two-year-old playmates."

DEAR JESUS #39 Spring 1992

"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release - Much natural resources are spent sending this very fanzine you now hold untold tonages of bad music in every possible format, this particular cassette meeting all the preliminary specifications and qualifications for that express trip to the big cardboard box in my closet. Instead I was treated to 'And I Poo...', 'Rear Entry Pants' and 'Lesbians...they're ok!' among others. Your basic happy background music to be played over the FAO Schwartz pa system while you shop for teddy bears, not taking the time to catch lyrics about Mr. Hamburger and Mr. Poo and 'Puphy the carrot' who 'fires a cannonball into you head'. That sounds like a dumb review, but really it's quite accurate. Five stars. (Quite good, yes, excellent, bravo!)"


"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release - If you're wondering exactly what kind of band would name itself Big Poo Generator, herein lies you answer. An ingenious mix of children's melodies, lullabies and very adult humor, this release is by far the most creative/innovative demo of 1992 so far (even though it was made in 1991). The humor is side-splitting, the music is unforgettable and the concept is unbelievable. It can best be described as a soundtrack to some twisted Looney Tunes. Snatch yourself a copy today, this band is going to be the biggest poo generator in the world!"

FLIPSIDE Issue #76 January/February 1992

"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release -ZOOGS RIFT meets Radio Shack technology. Most tracks are about feces, with other 'humorous' um.. shit...thrown in. A lyrical sample: 'Mr. Poo/He's in you' 'Nuff said. Strange stuff. - Thom"

EAR OF CORN #22 1991

"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release -Guaranteed that you've never heard anything like this. The music of a children's TV show mixed with lyrics about poop, death and retardation sung melodiously by highly accomplished vocalists. Amazing stuff here from seriously warped minds. The music is very precise and it is clear that a hell of a lot of work went into it. Play it for children, so we can have a truly degenerate youth to take care of us in our old age. One of the most original bands on the face of the universe. Everyone on this planet should own a copy."

ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER (late 1990 or early 1991)

"WAS IT A TOILET SEAT OR A DINOSAUR? This is the query that drives the 20-plus-minute Gland Puppies tape Secret Love. Was it a giant toilet seat or a dinosaur that struck Crazy Bill Pineapple's head, leaving a giant crater? I don't know. I got lost among the little vocal vignettes like 'thank God for feet, they're really neat, I like my feet' and 'please refrain from eating my squid.' Interspersed between the bizarre little songs is the tale of the creation of toilet seatology and the investigation of what struck Crazy Bill Pineapple's head, including notes from 'Rib the reporting monkey.' This is far stranger than anything you've ever heard on Dr. Demento. Depending on your mentality, you'll either find it brilliant or so utterly stupid that no words can describe its inanity."

GAJOOB #7 June 1991

"Gland Puppies - Soccer Fungus Food - This is the product of some seriously hyperactive imaginations. It's a crazy stew of craftily orchestrated dementia. Songs with a showman's ear for melody. Lyrics with surreal images of food and animals. And kitchen sink instrumental arrangements that are a joy to experience. It's a wild ride from start to finish."

THE PROBE Issue #2

"Big Poo Generator - Absolutely psychotic. This made me question my own sanity when I first listened to it; I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. The only comparison I can make is to 'It's a Small World' with demented lyrics: synthesized children's music with operatic vocals. Every song has at least one reference to eating poo. My personal favorite is 'Puphy the Carrot.' Contains two live tracks."


"Mr Pure Rockett, the most off-the-wall contributor to the exchange to date, offers 'Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release.' Descriptives like outrageous, weird and scandalously clever are understatements. Titles like 'Puphy the Carrot' and 'Toilet 4 2'...arrangements out of left field...and an occasional bagpipe solo. Mr Pure (he/she/it/them) wanted me to say it was the worst tape I had ever heard...(but I listened to it closely more than once!) Check it out for yourself..."

SONGSTERS EXCHANGE WHO'S WHO LETTER Vol. 2, Issue 1, March-April 1993

"The Wacky Talkies (a.k.a. Mr Pure Rockett) present Eschaton...a cassette of well produced...and characteristically weird musical numbers. Those of you familiar with Mr Pure's style know the kind of madcap entertainment that is in store. It is difficult, however, to prepare the rest of you. The bizarre chipmunk voice of A.A. Shah (and other fictitious individuals) sing outrageous lyrics, weave elaborate melodies and rich jazzy harmonies through orchestrated arrangements that seem to shift direction every dozen or so measures. Side one opens with the inane odyssey of 'popular Gay Dog', 'Mark' and 'Ladies' partying in the "Hyperzone'. You can't dance to this stuff but it's worth a good listen...and since you'll be laughing the first time's worth a second listen. Side two reveals a touch of social conscience with 'I Believe in Conservation'...but it's really a momentary lapse among the fits of lyrical silliness. In general, Eschaton is a real musical curiosity...artful, naughty (sometimes obscene), clever...and prepared by experts who are probably wise to remain anonymous."


"Big Poo Generator - Please Kill Us CD - This is so juvenile and dorky - I just love (most) of it! Practically every song is about 'poo'! Jerky electronic chipmunk music to annoy the poo out of you. Some songs are boring (2 or 3) but most provide more than mere olfactory pleasure."


"The Wacky Talkies - Eschaton - Strange fucked up shit. They used to be Big Poo Generator, got too much shit for lyrics and became this outfit to be reckoned with. It made me kick myself in the balls."

BAM December 3, 1993, Issue 422

"The Wacky Talkies - Be afraid. Be very Afraid. this tape outweirds the last Ween release. Actually, a closer comparison might be They Might Be Giants on helium. There is a spiritual connection to Zappa's earliest work with the Mothers of Invention as well. In some bizarre fashion, I found myself vastly enjoying songs such as 'I'm Going to Kick Myself in the Balls' and 'Kid Headly, the Dog with the Enormous Head.' All praise aside, there is something really sick about these guys, and I hope they never find out where I live."

GAJOOB #9 Winter 1993

"The Wacky Talkies - Eschaton - More wacky (yes, it's WACKY!) music from the folks that brought you The Gland Puppies and Big Poo Generator. Eschaton contains little of the toilet and food humor that filled those earlier releases, however the helpless stupidity quotient is still here - and in abundance, as always. This is so funny it's stupid. This is so stupid it's funny. Hey stupid, it's funny! This music is like a kaleidoscope of acid-induced carousel themes with Spike Jones at the wheel - complex stuff that just enthralls me. My favorite seems to be 'I'm Going to Kick Myself in the Balls,' although 'Sing it, Mrs. Ass' is great also. Highly recommended."


"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release - This is good, more musically complicated, etc., but you can't hear the lyrics as clearly as you can on the gland puppies tape (this, by the way, is the gland puppies under a different name). This is definitely freaking, bizarre & scary, even a couple live songs on this, but I like their other tape better. MOOTSKY!"


"The Gland Puppies - Soccer Ear-Fob - Hello there. Ever wondered why you haven't killed yourself yet? (?) this band is the definition of 'BRAIN RAPE', yessiree, I don't advise letting your kiddies near this. And the scary thing is...these people actually PLAY INSTRUMENTS AND DO IT VERY WELL, meaning the music is professionally written and played, not something you'd expect from a band so unearthly...these people are seriously fucking bent. There are 15 people in this band. Upon listening, you basically will know what I mean or you won't. If you value your life or your sanity, don't get this tape. Pardon me now while I scream quite a lot..."


"Big Poo Generator - Big Poo Release - Big Poo Release shows what musical jokers do when they have too much time on their hands. Though one might expect a tape full of hardcore Butthole Surfers influence here, Big Poo is actually a musically compotent carnival-like affair (in a "Being For the Benifit of Mr. Kite" Beatles way) that down 'doo' to its 2nd grade feces-influenced lyrics. Jokes about shit only go so far, unless of course you send your tape to Dr. Demento -- or better yet, Howard Stern."


"This Tape Will Make You Fart is the threatening title of The Gland Puppies latest release, and though the Pups do get rather flatulent at times (a rampant juvenile fascination with body parts and certain profane expressions), the best stuff here qualifies them for the varsity team at The Quirkology School of Music ( imagine They Might Be Giants and Frank Zappa in cahoots). 'Satan Is Trapped Inside the Body of Joe the Dog" starts as a finger-snappin' '60s TV theme before falling into an organ salsa break, and 'Dr. Microwave' uses Kurt Weil backdrop in support of Mamas and Papas harmonies. 'Been Factory' is a sly, sickly parody of BPM-crazed mixing. Unfortunately, most of side two is experimentation gone coyote ugly."


"Spoo Disc is finally a reality and is being launched by the soon to be hated Big Poo Generator with their first release, Please Kill Us! Never have I had such difficulty in trying to describe music as with Big Poo. It could appeal to fans of the Residents and Renaldo and the Loaf; Many Shimmy-Disc fans would likely appreciate this mess; Some sicker Zappa/Mothers fanatics may shit their drawers over this one. What we've got here is a bunch of twisted fucks who still revel in the glorious memory of third grade, when toilet humor was king and cartoon theme music drove small chilren to hurt their younger siblings. Ben Is Dead did a fine job when they said, '...up...that grate on...this tape comes...void left by' Joe, the sales slut here at C/Z, goes into a state of virtual psychosis every time we slap this CD into the player. This 'music' is not for the sophisticated; it is for those of you who still pick your nose and wipe the boogers on the underside of the table when no one else is looking; it is for a disturbed and select few. IT IS VERY LIMITED. There were only 1000 made, they are hand numbered, and after the 'band' gets their 150, we will only have 850 left to sell.... This may be your one and only chance to buy this cesspool of a gem for your own personal collection. No better way to disturb your friends, annoy your parents, and further encourage your landlord to hand you an eviction notice. They are CD only and will be available for $12 each postpaid..."

His Most Holy and Orthodox Reverned Ivan Stang, spokesman for the Church of the Subgenius, in response to Big Poo Release (1993)

"It's all so cheery and FUCKING DEMENTED!! Far more demented than any of the "Fuck America" punk thrash tunes people normally send us. I am most blown away!! PRAISE BIG POO GENERATOR!!"

Jim Goad, creator of Answer Me! magazine, in response to TVTARDS (1994)

"I hate music, but what you sent me wasn't music. where Do you get your drugs, and what do you call them? How about a lifetime subscription in trade for more poop tunes?"

SWASTICUM #2 January 1994

"Wacky Talkies - Eschaton tape - Any band that has a song titled 'I'm Going To Kick Myself In the Balls' knows what they're doing. History lesson: this band mutates its self. First Gland Puppies, then Big Poo Generator, now Wacky Talkies. Someone spent alot of time getting every nuance down. Is it funny; god yes. Is it musical; seemless. The best of the best."


"ABE LINCOLN & THE SWINGING STiNCOLNS - TV Tards - An insanely retarded ride through the fucked-up mind of someone. Strange "music" that brings to mind bad soundtracks of early early Atari videogames plays in the background while a phonetic narrative (which is heavily distorted in an odd manner) spins stories of stand-offish humour. Blood, guts, bestiality, sex, retardation, and more." (includes P.O Box).


"Plugz - Here's some stuff we editors like: ... ABE LINCOLN AND THE STICOLNS -- TV Tards (tape): Yuck --dan Like sticking your penis in a blender; it's good eating. -- AF (Robert Sutton, PO Box 376, Yorba Linda CA 92686)"

ANTHROPOMORPHIC Issue #7 Summer 1994

"FOOD SLAVES, #1, $?, 44 pages - From the people that gave you Abe Lincoln & the Stincolns and Big Poo Generator comes the most un-PC 'zine I've seen in a while. Twisted stories about retarded children and cut-and-paste pictures of lots of naked women. I dunno, this is one of those magazines that are so stupid and sickening that we can't help but read them. Recommended. (P.O. Box 376, Yorba Linda, CA 92686)

Big Poo Wired Interview