Dear Rikki Rockett,

The letter draft copy of your book arrived at our home. You asked for my "constructive criticism" regarding your book so I will give it to you.

First of all, the language is very obscene and not at all fitting for a child of God to use. Take your Bible and read Colossians 3:8, "But now ye also PUT OFF ALL THESE ... FILTHY COMMUNICATIONS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH." Now I think that God means what He says, don't you? Read Ephesians 5:3,4. "But fornication, and ALL UNCLEANNESS, or covetousness, LET IT NOT ONCE BE NAMED AMONG YOU, AS BECOMETH SAINTS. NEITHER FILTHINESS, NOR FOOLISH TALKING ... WHICH ARE NOT CONVENIENT." Paul told Timothy, "Keep thyself pure." (I Tim. 5:22). Philippians 4:8 declares, "whatsoever things are pure ... think on these things."

In kindness let me say, your book is very defiling to the human mind. I have never heard of a Christian using such filthy words. This is very displeasing to the Lord. The vile ungodly would love to read your book to help them stir up their base passions. To attach the name of our blessed Lord to such filthy expressions disgraces Him and dos dishonor to God. You will never reach souls through this method. You will notice that you never read such language in the Holy Scriptures and they were written by God with a view to winning sinners to His Son.

I think that you would be a wise man if you abandoned the whole project. God is holy and pure and he calls His people "Saints" which simply means, "Holy Ones."

Now Rikki, I hope you take this advice in the spirit of meekness. Please DESTROY THE BOOK and FORGET THE PROJECT. It will never be used of God, it can't be, for it is against the principles laid down in His Holy word. Solomon said that the preacher sought to find out acceptable words (Eccl 2:16) and the gutter words of an ungodly perverse world are hardly acceptable words.

Sincerely Your friend,
Robert E. Surgenor

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